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Technical /Test Class Tool Kit

Y3TE001-1Acrylic Nail Instruction - Primary

Acrylic Nail Instruction - Primary

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Packing Unit SET




  Acrylic Nail Instruction Primary contents all the necessary material and tools for acrylic application. Acrylic brush (kolinsky hair), acrylic powder, glitter powder, monomer, nail form, nail file, top coat, artificial nail remover. Let acrylic nail creation become easy to start.

PLUS extra brush cleaner 2oz for free.
  1.Clean hands and file the nail surface with 180-240 grit nail file, it will help the acrylic material adhere on natural nail
2. Wipe the dust, apply primer
3. Set the nail form and make sure the shape is balance and central toward
4. Wet the acrylic brush with liquid, pick up a white powder ball then place on the edge of nail. gentle press and shape the powder ball
5. Remove the extra powder from brush hair then straighten the brush, shape the smile line with hair tip
* 45 degree between brush handle and nail surface for operating
6. Use the wet brush to pick up the color for nail bed. Finish with an overall brush on nail surface from cuticle to edge.
7. Remove the nail form after the acrylic nail start to dry, shape the C curve of nail edge before it complete dry
*May use with the molding tool
8. Shape the nail wall and length with 100 grit nail file
9. file the nail surface with 180 grit file then clean the dust
10 Buffer the nail to shiny
11. Clean all the dust and apply 1-2 layers of top coat to keep the acrylic nail shiny.
  *Y1DF13D Brush Cleaner 2oz.
*Y1DA22D Artificial Nail Remover 2oz.
*Y1DN34 Acrylic Powder (Clear 0.5oz.)
*Y1DN54 Acrylic Powder (White 0.5oz.)
*Acrylic 3D Powder 5g*2 pcs
*Y1DN10A Liquid Monomer (2 oz.)
*Y1CT07T Nails Disposable Nail Form 50PCS
*Y1DB06A justnail??Primer 1/2 Oz
*Y1AL08 PC Redwood Brush (Oval) R08
*Y2AD06 Nails Zebra Washable Nail Files100/180
*Y2AA11C Nails Magic Shiny Block 4-Ways
*Y1ZG11 Glass Dappen Dish
*Y1DA25A justnail??UV Top Coat 15ml
*Y1BA005 Beauty case






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